About US

Blackmist Studios is a business whose operations specialize in the Entertainment industry. Based out of Upstate New YorkOur company provides superior quality product line, reliable service and cost competitive prices. The management team strives to excel in the Entertainment business by providing entertainment services to meet the needs of both industry professionals and up-and-coming artists with our in-house pre and postproduction services, as well as a direct studio to home streaming services enabling our clients to attract a much larger audience at a fraction of the cost. We will remain highly competitive and will maintain high standards to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Our company’s key objective is to capture market share in the Entertainment industry by offering competitively priced goods and services, quality product line, building a strong and skilled personnel team that will solidify our foundation, sustain the growth of the company and to progressively increase annual sales.

Team Players

Harrison Freed-CEO:

The Chief Executive officer of Transcendental Film Studios began his career in film production in the late 1970s. He’s an experienced PA, Production Coordinator, Grip, Gaffer, Casting Director, Producer and is currently producing three indies in 2015. Harrison studied at Santa Monica College in California and American University in D.C. where his main focus of concentration was in economics and he got his BA in liberal studies back in 2006. Harrison has been involved with various film productions since the late 1970s till the present. He has written numerous off-broadway plays, one of which did quite well in theater-row on 42nd street back in the 1990s. Harrison directed a short film called a Tale of Two Women when two worlds collide and they both regress into a primal state of survival. He has co-written ‘The Prodigal Son” with Jeffrey Ross, a gritty Jewish Mob Flick that deals with power, corruption and family values. Carina’s Revenge also written by Harrison will be his debut as a director doing a full-length feature under the tutelage of Michael Slifkin and Archstone Pictures and Distribution. Harrison is dedicating the studio to his late mother Estelle Freilich-Cohen who passed away from Lung Cancer in 2014. He made a promise to his mother that he would donate a portion of his money to the Lung Cancer Society of America.

Gregg A. Luckman-Chairman/General Counsel

Our Chairman has been practicing law for the last 20 years in New York and formed Luckster Productions LLC in Los Angeles, California to produce feature films, music videos, and commercials. Gregg has produced two feature films including The Brazen Bull. Gregg has merged Luckster Productions LLC into Phase One Communications Inc. Gregg is the CEO of Phase One Communications Inc. Gregg was able to enter into the film production and music arenas as a result of Gregg’s law practice concentrating on the corporate, real estate and entertainment arenas. In the entertainment arena, Gregg has negotiated, prepared and reviewed contracts in the fields of film, television, music, and book publishing. These contracts involved agent, acting, distribution, management, marketing, production, publishing, recording, and work made for hire agreements. In addition, he has secured and protected clients’ works through Copyrights, Trademarks, and other avenues such as the Writer’s Guild of America. Gregg is counsel for independent film and music companies. In that capacity, Gregg has prepared the prospectus for the film’s offering plan and all contracts necessary for the production and release of films. Finally, Gregg has been an explorer of financial avenues for independent film and music by up and coming songwriters and bands.

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